About Us


LAKE EFFECT STUDIO ~ A 2000+ square foot facility on the east shore of Lake Simcoe in Lagoon City. This studio features 5 isolation rooms, including a Pearl Session drum kit in a great ambient tuned room, 10 vintage snares, 12 guitars, 9 guitar amps, and a mic locker and gear rack that mirrors some of the biggest & best studios in North America.


CRADLE TO RAVE MUSIC ~ The production side of the group. This division offers all-inclusive recording packages including financing. Every aspect of the recording process is covered in these recording packages concluding with a finished CD, mastered and ready to go. We take your vision and make it a reality!


WELLCRAFT MUSIC MANAGEMENT ~ Just because the recording process is over and the CD is ready to go does not mean you have arrived.  WELLCRAFT MUSIC MANAGEMENT takes the artist and the product and creates a plan to promote  both to the market place. From bios to radio release, we do it all.


The WELLCRAFT MUSIC GROUP values its working relationships with a few industry organizations. From graphics artists, photographers and manufacturing to relationships with other fine studio owners, Wellcraft can help. You’ve heard it before, “it’s who you know”.